Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Sailboat Rigging Available at Cable Industries

Whether you need to replace your Sailboat Rigging (Life Lines or Standing Rigging), or purchase replacement parts, Cable Industries has everything you need to update your sailboat.


Pelican Hooks
Gate Eyes
Toggle Jaws
Stanchion Terminals


If all you need are replacement 
parts, just call our Sales Representative at 844-947-3767 to order the exact same part, or mail us your parts and we will mail you a new one -- just that simple!


For Sailboat Life Line or Standing Rigging replacements, you can either fill out our Quote Forms or mail us your old rigging and we will mail you back the new rigging.

Since you will need 2 people to measure your rigging, it may be easier to mail it and let us to the measuring for you. Print out our Rigging Labels and attach one to each piece of rigging. Any modifications that you would like done can be specified on the label.

For more information, go to our rigging webpage,

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