Friday, April 17, 2015

Equipment Requirements for Fabricating Custom Cable Assemblies

If you are in the business of designing custom cable assemblies, automated equipment is necessary to streamline the fabricating process. This equipment will include swaging machines for attaching a wide variety of fittings, a high speed automatic web cutter, industrial sewing machines, and don't forget testing equipment. Each cable assembly should be tested above its recommended load capacity.

Recommended equipment:

Swaging Machines
- PROMEC 438 55 ton high speed press
- PROMEC Q6000 175 ton high speed press
- ESCO Mark 100 350 ton press
- ESCO Mark 150 500 ton press
- Markham high speed automatic cable cutter

Webbing Equipment
- High speed automatic web cutter
- Singer industrial sewing machine
- Consew Class 7 sewing machine

Testing Equipment
200,000 lb. horizontal test bed
12,000 lb. vertical test bed

In addition, all of your equipment should be calibrated annually as well as ASTM-4 compliant.

I'm sure there are other brands of equipment that I missed that can be recommended. If there are any you work with, please comment for our readers.

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