Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Stainless Steel Cable Railing Systems Offer Low Maintenance and High Design Appeal

If you are a lover of grand, traditional wood staircases with large banisters, you may wince at the thought of using cable railings in your house. However, a traditional frame can be used with stainless steel cable which makes an elegant and easy to maintain railing solution.

For many businesses, an unobstructed view is beneficial for an outside deck or second story. In addition, the strength of the railing is crucial. A stainless steel cable railing system can withstand 3,000 lbs. of force without breaking and is resistant to corrosion.

Additional benefits of stainless steel cable railing systems:

Makes Your Area Appear Larger – The use of stainless steel cables blend into your surroundings and “disappear,” giving the illusion of space. Cable railings can be used in any type of house or business design, whether it is traditional or contemporary.

Is Durable and Easy to Maintain – Because the cable and fittings are made from marine grade stainless steel, they are virtually maintenance free, strong, and long lasting. Mild commercial cleaners or even warm water and soap can be used to restore the shine and remove fingerprints.

Increases the Value of Your Home or Business – The sleek look of cable railings are growing in popularity and known for their longevity.

Cable Industries, a subsidiary of WiscoLift, Inc., fabricates custom cable railing assemblies for companies across the nation. For more information, please go to our website at www.cableind.com or call our Sales Representative at 844-WIREROPE. We are happy to assist with any of your cable assembly needs.