Thursday, April 13, 2017

OEM Partnerships Add Value

Aircraft CableIn the beginning of the 21st Century, companies began seeing the advantages of outsourcing certain business processes that were not part of their core business. Outsourcing goods and services to companies already skilled in those areas eliminated the cost of hiring trained staff and resulted in reduced operating expenses.

Many industries use this process including medical, food, automotive, computers, machining and aerospace.

Advantages to Using an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

Custom Cable Assemblies·    Convenience – All you have to do is call your OEM and request the type and quantity of assemblies and the target date.
·        Experience – There are no learning curves if you outsource your cable, webbing, chain or cord assemblies. The Company will already have the exact skills and product suppliers needed.
·        Reduced Cost – No need to buy equipment or hire competent staff to make the assemblies in-house or hold inventory.
·        Higher Quality – OEM’s already have quality control policies and methods tailored to their products processes and methodologies.

Cable Industries, a division of WiscoLift, Inc., is an OEM and Wire Rope Cable Assembly Manufacturer. We specialized in custom cable assemblies, boat rigging, architectural cable railings, and OEM services for customers in all industries.

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