Thursday, May 21, 2015

Bank Your Cable Assemblies

Have you ever found yourself in a bind because critical assemblies broke or became damaged on the job? 

To ensure a reliable supply of these items, we have created the Assembly Bank. All of your critical assemblies will be manufactured, inspected, tested, packaged, and stored. You decide on pre-determined quantities of your most important cable assemblies and they will be ready for immediate shipment when needed. The advantages to have your assemblies made and stored ahead of time are:
  1. It minimizes your in-house inventory.
  2. It eliminates scrap and/or defect costs.
  3. It reduces your storage costs.
  4. It reduces the uncertainty of whether you will be able to get your replacement assembly in a timely manner.

For more information on participating in this new service, email us at or fill out our QUOTE FORM.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Our Customer's Trust Us, Shouldn't You?

Custom Cable Assembly
Frequently companies will contact Cable Industries to design or make a custom assembly for a special application.  For this particular project, the customer provided us with all of the parts that were needed to put the assembly together.

The customer needed a custom cable assembly using 3/8” diameter wire rope, 22’ long, thimble eyes at each end and a threaded eyebolt inside of each thimble eye.

The cable assembly was put together and load tested, all within 24 hours for the customer to pick up.

If our customer’s trust us to make their cable assemblies, shouldn’t you?

Visit us at and view the many assemblies we design and sell.